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Wellness Coach Specialist

KairWell Weight and Wellness

Weight Loss Centers & Primary Wellness Center located in West Broward County, Davie, FL

Using a wellness coach is one of the best ways to improve your overall health, stay motivated, and keep chronic disease risks low. At KairWell Weight and Wellness, Charan Donkor, MD, Sean Bannister, PA-C, and their expert team in Stuart and Davie, Florida, offer wellness coaching to help you eat better, exercise effectively, and adopt healthy habits for a lifetime. Call the office to schedule a wellness coaching session or use the online booking feature today

Wellness Coach Q&A

What is a wellness coach?

Wellness coaches at KairWell Weight and Wellness work with you to keep you on track with healthy eating, exercise programs, and other healthy habits that maximize your quality of life. Wellness coaches at KairWell Weight and Wellness focus on intensive behavioral therapy and incremental behavior changes to help you reach and maintain your goal weight.

What are the benefits of wellness coaching?

Some of the many benefits you can expect with the help of wellness coaches at KairWell Weight and Wellness include:

  • Effective weight loss
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Improved nutrition
  • Exceptional fitness
  • Mood improvements
  • Self-confidence 
  • Motivational support
  • Reduced chronic disease risks

Wellness coaches help motivate you to stay on track with health and fitness goals long term.

Which health coaching program is best for me?

To determine which health coaching plan best matches your needs, the KairWell Weight and Wellness team discusses your medical history, weighs you, checks your vital signs, and completes a physical exam. They could recommend you undergo heart-function tests, blood tests, or other diagnostic tests before personalizing a wellness program that’s best for you.

In addition to health coaching, KairWell Weight and Wellness specialists offer prescription phentermine appetite suppressants, one-on-one personal training, custom meal plans, and minimally invasive robotic weight loss surgery with their trusted partners. 

What should I expect during wellness coaching?

Your wellness coach meets with you initially and on a weekly basis or as needed. They help you follow customized nutrition and exercise plans, and work with you to adopt healthy habits you can stick with for a lifetime. Examples include setting a regular bedtime, reducing stress, limiting or avoiding alcohol, and not smoking.

Your wellness coach meets with you in-person at one of their offices or virtually if you prefer. They help you work through potential barriers of maintaining healthy habits, such as stress, a busy schedule, depression, or anxiety.

KairWell Weight and Wellness wellness coaches are here for you when you need them to answer questions, keep you motivated, and address concerns you may have about your health or weight loss plan. 

To begin health coaching sessions with medical experts at KairWell Weight and Wellness specialists, call the office nearest you or use the online scheduler today.