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Non Surgical Weight Loss Specialist

KairWell Weight and Wellness

Weight Loss Centers & Primary Wellness Center located in West Broward County, Davie, FL

You don’t have to resort to surgery to lose weight. At KairWell Weight and Wellness, the team of health coaches headed up by Charan Donkor, MD and Sean Bannister, PA-C, at KairWell Weight and Wellness in Stuart and Davie, Florida offers non surgical support to help you achieve lasting weight loss and wellness. The team creates a personalized plan to safely engage you in healthy behavior changes that include better nutrition, more physical activity, and enhanced social support. Call today to get started on a non surgical weight-loss program or use the online tool to schedule an appointment.

Non Surgical Weight Loss Q&A

Why should I consider non surgical weight loss?

Surgical weight loss is complicated, invasive, and potentially dangerous. If you can achieve weight loss with behavior change, dietary modifications, and a commitment to healthier habits, you can avoid the potential complications associated with surgery.

Even if you undergo surgery, you’ll need to make long-term changes to the way you eat, move, and approach food. If you have to make these changes anyway – why not avoid surgery altogether if you can?

What are non surgical weight-loss therapies?

Non surgical weight-loss therapies help you make long-term changes that support a healthy weight. Your program is customized to you, taking into account your weight-loss goals, overall health, job limitations, and social situation. 

Your health coach partners with you to develop strategies that help you develop a healthier lifestyle. You learn how to better self-manage your overall wellness and lifestyle habits. 

The team at KairWell Weight and Wellness educates you on what types and amounts of food will help you achieve your goals. They give you recommendations and plans when it comes to physical activity. You also receive accountability and social support from your coach to help you stay motivated throughout the process. 

What is involved in nonsurgical weight loss?

The team at KairWell Weight and Wellness offers several plans to support your wellness and weight-loss goals. All of these plans start where you are and help you set realistic goals. The team serves as an accountability partner for you so you have the best chance at achieving long-term results. 

The standard 6-month plan includes 13 in-person (or virtual) visits with a health coach. During these visits, your provider creates a customized weight and wellness plan for you and offers any intensive medical therapy you might need. 

The premium weight-loss plan includes twice weekly personal training sessions so exercise becomes a complement to your healthier lifestyle. 

Once you’ve completed the 6-month plan, KairWell Weight and wellness can enroll you in a maintenance program that keeps you feeling supported. You’re able to continue your partnership with your coach so a healthier lifestyle becomes part of your everyday life. This means you enjoy wellness and a healthy weight for the long haul.

Learn more about the effective nonsurgical weight-loss therapies offered at KairWell Weight and Wellness. Request an appointment through this website or call the most convenient location today.