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About KairWell Weight and Wellness

About Practice

KairWell Weight and Wellness offers comprehensive tier 1 through tier 3 medical weight-loss solutions to help you live a healthy and fit lifestyle. Our medical professionals support your wellness journey with monthly visits that focus on mindful eating, habit change, and other science-based interventions to help you not only achieve but maintain a healthy weight. Benefit from Davinci robot surgery, phentermine and other prescription medication therapies, and health behavioral change to achieve your goals.

Build a relationship with the team at KairWell Weight and Wellness so we can help you avoid preventable illness while looking your best and enjoying a high quality of life. Our team spends time with you to build trust and customize your treatment plan so you achieve long-term success. We can help even when other attempts have failed, even after slow or suboptimal results after weight loss surgery.

Call today or use the online tool to get started on a weight-loss and wellness plan that you can sustain for the long-term.


KairWell Weight and Wellness
7950 SW 30 Street
West Broward County

Davie, FL 33328
Phone: 772-247-7545
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