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KairWell Weight and Wellness offers comprehensive weight-loss solutions to help you live a healthy, fit lifestyle. At the Stuart and Davie, Florida offices, Charan Donkor, MD and Sean Bannister, PA-C support your journey with in-person or virtual weekly meet-ups that focus on mindful eating, habit change, and medical weight-loss interventions. 

The medical weight-loss center provides surgical and nonsurgical methods to help you achieve a healthier size. Benefit from Davinci robot surgery, phentermine drug therapy, and meal planning and logging to achieve your goals. 

Build a relationship with the team at KairWell Weight and Wellness so they can help you live free of disease while looking your best and enjoying a high quality of life. The team spends time with you to build trust and customize your treatment plan so you achieve long-term success. 

Call today or use the online tool to get started on a weight-loss plan that you can sustain for the long-term. 

KW3 Weight Loss Orientation

KW3 Weight Loss Orientation

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